Agricultural Spraying Drone

Spraying system that allows uniform and precise tail distribution, avoiding waste and contamination.

AGROBEE is a revolutionary innovation in the agricultural scenario, representing a significant advance in the efficiency and precision of agricultural practices.

This aerial vehicle, designed with cutting-edge technology, has the ability to take off and land vertically, fly at low speed and with substantial autonomy, providing exceptional flexibility in agricultural operations.

Equipped with state-of-the-art spraying systems, AGROBEE applies agricultural pesticides with precision and efficiency, optimizing the use of inputs and minimizing environmental impacts.

Furthermore, its innovative functionality also extends to seed distribution, enabling precise planting in the desired areas.

Ours Models


Useful Load: 900 L
Wingspan: 14.4 m


Useful Load: 500 L
Wingspan: 10.6 m


Useful Load: 200 L
Wingspan: 6.0 m

Advantages of AGROBEE

Increased productivity

AGROBEE can spray larger areas in less time as it has a payload capacity of over 200 liters.

Cost reduction

AGROBEE has low operating costs as shown in the table below.

Quality improvement

AGROBEE improves spraying quality, as it guarantees uniform distribution of the spray solution – vortex control.

Applications AGROBEE

Agricultural crops

Soy, corn, cotton, rice, etc.

Forest crops

Eucalyptus, pine, etc.

Ornamental crops

Flowers, ornamental plants, etc.

Management of Flight

Every flight is carried out autonomously and only requires pre-programming of the flight plan before each mission.

This task is performed by the technician after training and consists of mapping the area that will be flown during the application of the product. Once this is done, the route is transferred to AGROBEE via wireless communication and the equipment will be ready for flight.

See below the interface used to program the flight, shown in the following figure.

Features of AGROBEE

AGROBEE is equipped with a series of technological resources that make them more efficient and safe.

High precision spraying

Spraying system that allows uniform and precise spray distribution, avoiding waste and contamination.

Autonomous navigation

Autonomous navigation system that allows it to operate without human intervention. The system uses GPS sensors, cameras and ultrasound to map the terrain and plan the flight route.

Security sensors

Equipped with safety sensors that help you avoid obstacles and people. This makes AGROBEE safer to operate.

Specifications techniques

Components of packaging

Layout of packaging

Packaging product

Cost operational

Fuel consumption

(biodiesel) – R$160/h

Fuel consumption

(ethanol) – R$117/h

Oil Consumption


Software operator


Operational and supply technician


Maintenance Assistant


Operating Cost (biodiesel)


Operating Cost (ethanol)


Total Cost (biodiesel)


Total Cost (ethanol)


Basic data for the calculations

Flight type

Speed from 60km/h to 80km/h

Flight altitude

4m above the crop

Flight time


Cost of maintenance

Generator Preventive Maintenance


Generator and Structure Preventive Inspection




Preventive Maintenance Electric Motor

1 R$/h

ESC (driver)


NOTE: The cost of the Spray System Preventative Inspection was not considered.

Operational efficiency spray

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